Handmade Mala Bracelets

Handmade Mala Bracelets



Our handcrafted mala bracelets are beautifully crafted by The Meditative Owl. Read the bio bellow to learn more about our favoritie mala artist!

"Hello Elizabeth here! I'm a full time Middle School Art Teacher by day, Yoga Instructor by night, and wild trails and groovy dance floor enthusiast by weekend! All of these experiences inform my color choices, patterns, and thoughtful intentions for each of these unique hand crafted malas. Sharing these spiritual tools with you, I share my love of nature, practice of yoga, and meditations on the rhythms of life. On this journey called life, I am honored to share with you a tool for self-care, meditation, and a tool to encourage spiritual growth and strength. 

In Love aand Light!

-The Meditative Owl."  


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