doTERRA intro kit

doTERRA intro kit

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Ready to throw away the chemicals in your foods, cosmetics, cleaners, drinks, literally everything?!


Step into a new you and new health today with this essential oils intro kit by doTERRA. With a CPTG (certified pure therapuetic grade) approval. 

The kit includes:  5mL bottles of Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint.


What exactly can you do with each oil? 


*Lavender-helps with deep sleep, tension, stress relief, acne, emotional balance, dry skin, sunburns/bug bits, allergies, high blood pressure, headaches/migranes, and more. 


*Lemon-helps maintain kidney health, lymphatic cleansing, edema and water retention, heartburn, congestion, arthritis, liver and kidney detox, varicose veins, concentration, and even furniture polish. 


*Peppermint- Energizing and mood boosting, fevers and hot flashes, burns, cravings, memory issues, muscle stiffness and tenstion, emotional balance, digestion, asthma, clear airways, bad breath, hangovers, migranes, and more. 


Pair this trio with one of our free essential oils classes and learn how to use them in your life! 



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