Power of Basics Workshop

February 8th - February 29th

Saturday 3:00pm - 4:15pm


Beginner to Intermediate students. 

Anyone wanting to learn yoga/power yoga or deepen their current practice.


This is an AWESOME class!!! My 20 year old son and I took it when Michelle taught the series in Avon last May. Really helped me deepen and refine poses. My son felt the same and Michelle easily taught to our personal flexibility and abilities. HIGHLY recommend!!!! -Tara van Dernoot

A 4-week workshop covering 5-6 poses each week. Expect 1:1 support, an open forum to ask questions, and a safe space to try something new. 


In addition to alignment cues and hands-on assisting, you will learn the how to's and why's of breath (ujjayi) and focus (drishti). 


Member: $15 per class or $45 for all classes (sign up at studio)

Non-Member: $20 per class or $65 for all classes.

Reserve your spot today...


  • Room heated to 85 with added humidity

  • We will begin each class with Sun A's to warm up the body and end with Savasana. (Don't worry, we will go over this first!)

  • You will be actively doing yoga so be prepared to sweat.

  • New to power yoga? Check out our Beginners page for more info

  • Class size limited to 10

  • Free community mat rentals

  • Hot yoga mats and towels available for rent (and purchase)

Reach out with any questions at info@empoweryogabv.com or 720-471-2109