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Finding Joy & Self Care

A seminar for healthcare workers

why this program

Many studies are now available that show the current wellness and assistance programs have poor results on health and economic outcomes. In fact, a recent study in JAMA revealed that "... there were no significant effects on clinical measures of health, health care spending and utilization, or employment outcomes after 18 months."

Our program is different from Wellness or Assistance ​programs. We offer on-site and in-person training programs where healthcare workers can support each other during and after the program and our focus is on the whole person. This program encompasses mindfulness, stress and anxiety reduction, physical activity and healthy eating. 

After completing the one day seminar, participants are placed in a peer support group comprised of their co-workers. These support groups allow participants to continue the work of the program long after the seminar is over.

We  believe and many studies have shown that programs offering support systems afterwards have a much higher rate of success and are actually able to shift the culture to value self-care.

Current wellness programs shortfalls

Wellness programs generally focus on modifiable risk factors of disease, such as nutrition, physical activity, and smoking cessation and lack any type of emotional support, mindfulness or stress reducing activities. 

how is this program different?

This seminar is uniquely designed to address the specific challenges and needs of healthcare workers.

We provide practical and effective tools to thrive on a 12+ hour shift. And for most healthcare workers, the shift isn't over when you leave work; these tools are designed to be used every day, at work and at home. 

What to expect

This one-day immersion seminar is 7.5 hours in length with a 45 minute lunch break. 

Meditation: During this section, we will offer simple, practical and effective guided meditations throughout the day. Individuals will leave this seminar with a whole new appreciation for meditation and how it can change the mood of your entire day.

Breath: We will dive into what happens to your breath when in stressful situations and teach breath work that you can bring into different situations to ground, release and focus.​

Physicalness: Don't you just love how you feel after an invigorating workout? You'll be challenged with our Power Yoga, that we guarantee will leave you feeling ready to take on the world! This style of yoga is designed for every-body, and can be modified for every fitness level.

Nutrition: One of my biggest challenges working a 12 hour shift, was how to plan and eat healthy. We will get creative and help you figure out a healthy personal eating plan that works for you.  

Alternative Health: Ever wondered what acupuncture is and how it works? We'll discuss the how's and why's as well as give you a chance to discover it firsthand. You'll be treated to a relaxation mini treatment at the conclusion of the discussion.


Reduced anxiety & stress

Increased happiness and fulfillment at work (and at home)

Cleaner, healthier eating habits for a 12 hour shift

A quieter & more peaceful mind


Continued Training Workshops

We recommend continued training workshops at 6 weeks and 12 weeks.

These workshops are 2-3 hours in length and are designed to build on to each other for cumulative sustaining lifestyle changes.


  • Empowering patients and their families with mindfulness: This workshop focuses on how to share breath and meditation tools.

  • Active listening & giving: We will explore how to bring in "what’s needed" with patients & co-workers.