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When I mention yoga, many people's first response is "I can't even touch my toes". This unique power yoga practice is not at all about how flexible you are, what you look like, or even what you know.


This practice isn't about perfecting poses either. 


Power yoga is about stepping to your physical and mental edge. Its about discovering your full potential and embracing your best self (as you are) on and off your yoga mat. 

I've never done yoga, what should I expect?

What we love about the Baptiste's Journey Into Power sequence is that every body is capable of the poses. We cue to body alignment & awareness as well as modifications so that you can not only understand how a pose feels, you are given the tools to deepen your practice. Have a question about modifying? ask us here. 

When we say this practice is for everyBODY...

What we mean is all ages, sizes, abilities, body types, fitness levels, gender, ethnicity...you get the point. The only requirement is that you show up with a willing spirit. 

What is Baptiste Yoga?

Baptiste Yoga is practiced in a room heated to 90-degrees and follows theJourney Into Power sequence. This postural flow works for all body types and physical abilities because it is not rigid, it is adaptable to every student. It is designed to give you access to vitality, power and freedom. Along with asana (physical practice), the practice of Baptiste also consists of meditation as a way to access getting present and awakened, and inquiry as a way to access discovery and new possibility.

Why heat and humidity?

With heat and humidity the body is physically more able to open up and move. Through sweating, a detoxification occurs, and is unlike anything you've experienced before. Not only does heat and humidity aid in the physical practice, your mind is also challenged to overcome limitations and doubts. Here's a great article that goes into more detail on Baptiste Yoga and Heat.

What is "Looking Good" all about?

I resisted trying yoga for a long time simply because I was concerned about how I might look among all these other "experienced yogis". What I discovered is that nobody is looking and nobody cares. 

Is yoga about being Buddhist or some other religion?

No and no. I used to think that I needed to adopt some new religion in order to practice, and that is just not the case. What we embrace is spirituality and whatever your calling is, that's what you bring to your practice. 

Why Ohm in class?

At the beginning and end of each class we Ohm as a way to connect with each other through the calming sound and vibration experienced with Ohms. Never Ohm'd? Don't worry, a lot of others haven't either and it only takes one time to learn :-)

Am I really going to get a workout?

Every class can provide you with an intense workout. We do offer some higher intensity 1 1/2 hour classes for those wanting an extra challenge.  You can expect to build muscle, increase your aerobic endurance and yes, gain flexibility!

Do I have to be an athlete to come to a Power class?

Nope. All levels and abilities are able to have a fulfilling and powerful class that suits their skill and physical ability level. A large part of what we teach is about honoring your body and your breath during asana (physical practice). We encourage this connection of your body and breath, so that you experience "trying easy" and not a struggle.

Why we don't practice with mirrors...

We have nothing against mirrors, and if thats your thing, thats great! At our studio what we have found is that when mirrors are absent, judging yourself and others during practice is also absent. Your ability to focus your gaze outward is strengthened and it becomes less about perfecting poses. You may be surprised by how much faster your practice progresses when you feel alignment vs. see it.

I'm new to power yoga, what do I need to wear, bring or how do I prepare?

Be sure to wear comfortable athletic clothing that breathes. We have free community yoga mats for you to use as well as face clothes for sweating. 

Hydrate and hydrate more before class, and bring a water bottle for during class. Don't eat a large meal before class, light snacks are OK. Check out our Beginners page for more info!