Everyone was once a 'beginner' 

This page is devoted to you, the beginning yogi. 

Have you ever felt nervous, scared, or intimidated to go to a yoga studio? Well, we've all been there before. Empower Yoga is here to disrupt that drift and create a fun, enlightening and safe place to be and practice with a supportive community. 

You're invited to step onto your yoga mat and come practice power yoga with us! 

What do I wear?

  • Yoga leggings have always been my personal choice as I prefer the compression they offer. Really though, you can wear any pants/shorts that allow for movement and are breathable. 

  • Breathable tank top, T-shirt, sports bra. A lot of times I end up practicing in my sports bra. 

  • No socks, unless they are yoga specific. You'll be sliding all over the place! 

  • Dress in layers in the winter if you're like me...cold when sweaty. I like to bring sweat/fleece pants to put on over my leggings before heading out after class. A hat is also great since your hair will most likely be wet.

How do I prepare my body (hydration/nutrition)?

  • Make sure to drink plenty of water at least an hour before class, if possible. It's not critical, but super helpful! 

  • Don't have a large meal before class. Small snacks are best. I like to eat nuts and fruit as they seem to fuel me with the extra energy I need for class. 

  • Don't go to class fasting or super hungry. I made this mistake once and it made class a struggle, and physically I didn't feel well.  

What do I bring?

  • Water bottle (we have water at the studio to fill your bottle)

  • Yoga mat/mat towel (if you have one). We have free community mat rentals to use as needed. We also have specific hot yoga mats and towels for rent. These are great if you think you may want to buy one and want to try it out first.

  • Hair tie (depending) 

When should I arrive?

  • If it's your very first time to the studio, give yourself at least 15 minutes so that you can fill out the waiver, pay, and ask questions.

  • If you have already registered online, and have a membership or pass purchased you'll only need a few minutes to check in and roll your mat out. 

  • Please remember we lock the doors promptly when class starts.

What does a "typical class" look like?

  • Check out our video to see a class: here

  • Every class will have some if not all of the Journey Into Power sequence. The poses are all adaptable to everyBODY's fitness and ability level. I'm personally not considered an extremely flexible person and I am able to get into all of the poses. Check out our Power of Basics Workshop and reserve your spot to learn more about the poses we use.

  • Remember everyone is there to support one another. Even now, I may go to a class where I don't know the pose and I simply look around the room to see what those who have are doing. One of my biggest fears was "am I doing these right, and do I look stupid trying" and immediately I found out that nobody cares what anybody "looks" like because nobody is looking.

  • You will sometimes notice people doing their own thing, such as taking child's pose or doing handstands. And yes, you can too! This is your practice so if you need to take a break, catch your breath or feel like doing something different that's OK. Remember that this is your time to be good to yourself so don't beat yourself up if you need a break and everyone else is flowing. Nobody cares!

  • Savasana is the last pose for every class. This is when you let your breathing return to normal and let your body melt into your mat for complete rest. I like to put my face cloth (we provide these) over my eyes for more grounding.

What to expect after class?

  • We like to call the after class feeling "yoga brain" which simply means your body and mind are refreshed, centered, and calm. It's a feeling like no other I have experienced in any other activity.

Final thoughts....yoga is a practice. That is what makes it so fun! We never get to some final place of "perfection", and that's comforting. Your poses on your mat will always be perfect because they are yours, no need to reach for the elusive "perfection", you've already got it within you! 

Still have more questions? Check our our FAQ page or contact us. 

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