Ends February 9, 2021


Join us for another 30 day power challenge starting January 11th, 2021. We did this last year and it was so much fun 🙌 So we thought we would do it again 😃 Except this time with virtual classes, recorded classes, and new classes; so you can challenge yourself from anywhere! 

Grab yourself an online 30 Day pass for $30 HERE

We promise you that a consistent power yoga practice will sculpt your ideal body, free your mind, and transform your life! 

How to Participate?


It's so simple, you'll love it: 

⚡️Practice yoga for 30 days in a row ⚡️Online, Recorded, or In-Person Classes!


All memberships, punchcard passes, and drop-in passes are eligible to participate! 

Keep track of your progress: 

➡️ Use our printable calendar template HERE 

➡️ Mark off every day that you practice 

➡️ You can double up days! 

30 Day Prizes

We will be placing 5 names in our prize bucket this year! The top 5 students who make it, or get really really close to practicing 30 days, will get their name added to the bucket. 

At the end of 30 days, we will draw 2 names!

Prizes include:

1) Brand new B MAT ($84 value!)


2) 1-Month Unlimited Yoga Pass ($80 value!)

Need a pass? 

Reach out with any questions at info@empoweryogabv.com


We can't wait to practice power yoga with you! 


Live Empowered!

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